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That’s one bad burger.

December 10, 2010

I thought I would share this with the 0 people that read this blog.

For more than a week now I have had a very bad shooting pain in my left ankle which makes me have a limp and slows my walking speed significantly. With that in mind, let me inform you all (or none in this case) that I am a pedestrian. No license, no car to drive illegally, no bike. Just shoes and my mp3 player to keep me entertained for the 20-30 minute walk that would only take perhaps 3 in a car providing traffic is thin and lights are green. Now, with my mysterious injury, my walk has increased by a little less than double that time, taking me about 50 minutes to get to my destination one way. Just keep it in mind that when I walk, I’m in pain and it takes me forever to get places.

So, this morning I woke up with a craving for a Red Baron pizza, but, alas, I don’t have any in the apartment. I tried to get rid of it by eating some pop tarts, but that didn’t work. I then went to the computer for a while, but after a while I got other cravings, namely a plate of teriyaki chicken over white rice and a McDouble. Yeah… Pizza, burgers and teriyaki chicken. Yum.

It took me FOREVER to get to the target/mall parking lot because of the pain and got a couple of frozen pizzas, then walked to the mall food court to get the burgers and chicken.

It is a dark, overcast day with the wind blowing in my face while gripping my now dripping frozen pizzas in one hand with the smell of freshly made teriyaki chicken and burgers in the other. By this time it’s well past my normal lunch time with only pop tarts in my system. Needless to say, the smell was driving me crazy.

About 40 minutes into my walk back, I broke down and took out a burger. As I was unwrapping it, something smelled wrong. The McDouble that I had been craving for a long while now was made wrong. It had no pickles, no onions, but plenty of ketchup and mustard. I HATE MUSTARD! In fact, I hate mustard so much, the mere smell makes me queazy. The last time I ate something with mustard, I ended up throwing it up which tasted much better than when it went down.

I ended up eating both of my McDoubles… damn were they bad, though. By this point I was so hungry I didn’t care, though. Now I’m kind of regretting it, though because I can’t get the taste of that goddamn mustard out of my mouth.

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