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The Walking Dead

December 15, 2010
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I figured I should update my thoughts on The Walking Dead since I hadn’t updated about that since the first episode.

In short, I loved it. Well done, AMC. I had no idea you even existed and look at what you funded. Granted, I’ve never read the comics/graphic novels, so I don’t know how it compares, but based solely as a television program, it was a caliber every show should strive for. Great from beginning to end. Good acting, pacing, effects, direction. Damn, it was good.

Now, I’m hoping the second season will be just as good if not better. I mean, this show has kind of renewed my faith in american television. It can’t sully that with a craptacular second season like most shows have. Maybe next season I’ll actually watch it on tv when it airs to give them some better ratings… maybe…

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