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Episode MMXI:A New Hope?

January 11, 2011

Well! Here we go again. It’s 2011. The new year has actually treated me somewhat decent so far. shocking right?  I don’t really have much to say with this post, but I’m trying to get into the habit of actually writing something on here with semi-regularity, and not having extended periods of non-updates. I mean, geez it’s been..almost five months since I last posted anything on here; and that was just in July to talk about Back to the Future.

 But, I’ve recently been inspired by reading other blogs out there, to at least try to attempt to post every so often, instead of once in awhile.  (Not making promises here, but I’m going to attempt it :)). I mean, it’s not like I didn’t  want to post on here. In fact, since my last post I had been mulling over several things I did want to write about, but with one thing and another…mostly my slacking, I neglected to write anything at all. So! from my last post, to today, here’s a brief rundown of what I would have written about, had I not been such a lackadaisical slacker. (In case you were wondering, or not I meant to write this post the first day of the year.)


I wanted to write a bit more on the whole 25th anniversary of BTTF.

My experience with a wonky computer tower and my adventures with tech support.

Random stuff.


I don’t think I had anything to write about during this month. oh yea.. I did. see: SEPTEMBER


Ok, now we have something. I wanted to write a post about two girls, and this whole quirky experience that happened with them. Unfortunately, nothing sexual, so get your minds out of the gutters.


I had an idea to let people submit pictures of their favorite, best, worst, etc Halloween costumes for “our” Halloween Costume Contest Espectulaaarr that I decided to run on here. The winner was to get a bio post posted, and they would have had their winning picture shown on the site, and also get the chance to post about anything they wanted on here.(Like several ventures I’ve attempted, this ended up as a F—ing bust, because no one submitted anything to me. Thanks a million you guys!)

I also wanted to post about Halloween in general. What I did, what I like about it, and so forth.

I wanted to list the best werewolf movies I’ve seen. (It was going to tie the whole “theme” of the site together).

I was going to post pictures of my awesome costume! (hint: rhymes with shmacoon shmario.)

More random stuff.


I wanted to write about two endeavors I’ve been thought processing and developing for awhile. DRsMBM, and PROJECT: DIDDY.: Subspace Arms. I’ll delve deeper into what they actually mean later on. They’re nothing major, just randomness forming into worthwhile pursuits.

November was also to be the month where I was going to run a whole slew of Harry Potter themed blog posts, mostly thoughts and reactions to the books vs. the movies, their influence on me etc, which was to lead up to the mega deluxe movie review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1/ the wait, which would have also included writing about waiting in line for the midnight release. (My plan for this fell through, because Tabrias and I were supposed to go the midnight show, but circumstances prevented us from going, and we just ended up watching it Thanksgiving day. Also, if we had had any visitors to the site besides me and Tabrias, they would have noticed that our tag line during November was a certain passage from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book.

I was going to write about the holiday season and how I’ve never really felt the whole yuletide spirit during Christmas time. Also, just reflections on holidays past.

That’s pretty much it for the “big” stuff I wanted to write about. I mean, just because I didn’t write about them when I wanted to, it doesn’t mean I won’t ever write about these subjects. I will most likely cover them at some odd point in the future. So any who, enough about what I was going to write about, and now more about what I will in all likelihood write about in the future.

Scott Pilgrim! (Both the awesome books and the so-so movie…and to a lesser extent, the great soundtrack…by the way, does anyone know if a three person equivalent to the word both exists?)

People. Random people. People I know. People I’ve never met. People who need people. In short, people.





Video Games!

Nerd Stuff!


Posts to make you think about death, and get sad and stuff! (maybe)

Whatever might make a good post.

Random Thoughts and Ideas.

So until the next post, I finish this one with some things I hope to have come true/want to happen/accomplish in this new year.

I hope everything goes ok with my quest for higher education.

Buying a guitar/learning to play said guitar.

Continue working (and actually finishing) the things I’m developing.

I hope to finally finish writing (and actually begin working again) on my short to possible novel length story.

Just want this year to be as drama free as it possibly can be.

Hope to have more traffic and readers to our blog! 😀 Also, comments from readers that aren’t from IRL friends of mine and Tabrias.

Hope to keep my non-promise promise of updating this site.

I hope to catch the eye of a certain someone.

Finally, I hope to keep my end of the purpose for the blog, and regretfully and painstakingly endure reading the Twilight books and writing about them on here!

There are several more things, but I won’t list them here. So until the next post. Kids, always recycle..TO THE EXTREME!

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