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Oni Press? More like..Oh no you Diin’t….Press.hmm.

April 20, 2011

     Hello again! I haven’t really been keeping up with my New Year’s resolution of being a more consistent poster on here, but! if you look at it from a different angle and see that the times between posts have decreased, then I have been constant, and thus I am keeping my promise. (Huzzah for technicalities!) I actually have some posts that I still need to write, mainly the topics I wrote in my last post that I was going to write about…They’re coming, It’s just going to be awhile. If you know anything about me, it takes me a long time to actually finish writing things I want to write. I’m like the little engine that could, it takes me awhile to finish, but I’ll get there eventually. Any who, time to get to it. This post is about my misadventure with Oni Press.                (Oni Press is a manga publisher that published the Scott Pilgrim series and others).                         

     This past February, I had spent a good deal of time trying to locate a copy of Scott Pilgrim Full Colour Odds and Ends. This is a sort of rare spin off comic from the awesome Scott Pilgrim books, that was originally published as a giveaway for free comic book day. The newer edition that I was trying to find has the original story that was in the free comic, plus promo materials, rare comics etc. point being this is a pretty boss book for fans of the Pilgrim books. I checked out Amazon, and the prices there were ridunkulous!  The cheapest I saw the book was about 23 bucks. I mean, I’m a fan of Scott Pilgrim, but damn, I’m not that hardcore where I would spend 20 bucks on a comic that was originally free. I got on eBay, and same situation, until I came across an auction that was Buy it Now for 5, and 5 dollar shipping, also it was directly sold from Oni Press so I was sold!

         <————–Here’s the comic that caused all of the commotion.

     I held off on buying it for a week, because I was still deciding if I really wanted it, but I figured that 10 bucks was more than a fair price, and set off to purchase it. By the time I got back on eBay, the auction had already closed. I waited for two weeks, and they still hadn’t relisted the book, so figured that was the end of that.  It came to me that if the publish was selling it on eBay, there would be a more than good chance that they would have it on the site. Sure enough, they had it for sale, and it was the same price as it was on eBay. I totally jumped on it, and bought it on the 27th of Februrary. A week had passed, and I still hadn’t received the book. The website had said something about 3-5 days, totally skimmed through this but I got back on and the site said it would ship in 3-5 days after payment was processed.

     I realized that delays happen and didn’t put much thought into it anymore. I checked my online account to see if the payment had gone through, and it was “processing.”                       (Remember this for later on.) A couple of more days passed, and I hadn’t received a shipping confirmation email, or anything of the sort, so I decided to send them an email asking for shipping information. About a week and a half passed, and I didn’t get any sort of reply from Oni Press whatsoever. By this time, the book should have arrived a week ago. I was starting to get pissed off I mean, the least they could  have done is respond and tell me what the delay was right? I had to log on to my account to check my balance, and the payment to Oni Press that had been “processing” for a couple of days, was mysteriously gone. It wasn’t denied, or approved or anything; it was flat out vaporized from my account. I decided to send them one more email to try to figure out what had happened with my order.

     A couple of more days go by, and again no response. I got on to the site to see if the book was still on sale, but now the book was stamped with a “sold out” icon. Now, I didn’t know what to think. I was beyond  upset now.  I was literally spouting obscenities at them, and cursing their names   ‘Who the blank do they think they are keep my money without sending me the book’ and so on, I called them every damn name under the sun I could think of. I just finally gave up in ever seeing the book and was going to attempt to get a refund. It sucked, because I was actually a fan of Oni Press. I really enjoyed the offbeat series that they published, but after this I was like screw you. So, I just tried to put the whole scenario behind me and focus on other things. I had ordered some shirts from TeeFury for my birthday, and they were going to arrive any day now. A week after my birthday, my dad comes back from the mail and tells me I got a package. Sweet! I thought to myself, my shirts came after a week or so, first time too since I usually get those shirts 3 weeks after buying them.

     I got my shirts and was going to go back to my room, when he handed me a long white envelope and told me that that   was also for me. I scroll down to the address block…and what do I find?  The words “Oni Press” typed in the upper left corner basking in their inked smugness. Literally a month and a day after I had ordered the comic, it came. I was just in complete disbelief that it had actually arrived. I checked my online bank account again to see if the order had finally been processed, but it was still nowhere to be seen. Perfect, I thought. At least they gave me the comic book for free, after not responding to my emails or anything. Or, at least I thought it was going to free. I had deposited money, logged on to check my account, and the very first item I see, is the processed comic order.                                                                      

     Top that off, they waited for me to deposit money in order for the order to go through. ( Which, seriously, I don’t know why they did it that way, I had money to cover the order but do that they did.) *sigh*. So why am I writing about this? Well, apart from letting me vent, it’s an excellent example of the type of person I am. You know that one friend, that buys an expensive trinket, only to have the price be dropped right after they buy it? Well that’s me. Those little ironic twists always seem to happen to me. Granted, this post doesn’t seem like one those times, but it just reminded me, what with the whole ‘thinking the comic was free, but the order was processed a month later’ thing. Anyways.. more posts to come………..eventually.

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