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Self-Important Concept

April 28, 2011


 I really have nothing to write about. I just wanted to post the following as a status update, but they have a 420 character limit on posts so he we are. 😀 (Totally pushed it to the limit.) The following is absolutely not about me. Even though it sounds like something I would say. It’s just something I came up with and tinkering around with that might end up being said by a character in a story.

      I want to write the great American novel that will be beloved and read generation after generation, and bring me immense fortune and fame. In fact, I want it to bring me so much fame, that after awhile my own celebrity will begin to disgust me, and the only way I’ll be able to avoid it, will be to become a recluse like J.D. Salinger, in order to live a quiet private life.

     Like Obi-Wan, I will live like a hermit in some far out of the way place, until a young hot-shot comes knocking at my door, wanting to discuss the world and to ask permission to write about me. I will grant his or her request, and send them off into the world with details about my life to be shared among the masses. After the excitement of their book dies down, my final years will dwindle to nothing, and I will die with the knowledge that something I wrote had such an impact on the world. And THAT is what I hope to accomplish by writing.

It’s not completely altered, it just has more details. 🙂 til the next post.

Oh also, if you’re a fan of Harry Potter, look up the new teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II on youtube. That movie looks slick!

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