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June 21, 2011

     I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of the massive shit storm brewing over Ryan Dunn’s untimely death and Roger Ebert’s badly timed tweet, where he posted on his twitter account “friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.” I admit, his tweet was in bad form, and very insensitive especially after saying it so soon after the car accident, but he spoke the truth. I think Ebert chose the word “jackass” because, hey guess what? Ryan Dunn was on a show called Jackass. I’ll admit I’ve never seen Jackass, frankly I was never that into it, but if you’re a fan of Ryan Dunn and Jackass I can totally see how you would be singed by what Roger Ebert said; hell I would be too, If I were a fan. But honestly, it’s not like Roger Ebert said the insensitive comments about the president or someone who contributed to society who had died an untimely death, but if he had, this would have been a different story altogether, and depending on who it was, more of an outcry would have been made.

     He said the comment about someone who (and I’m not trying to offend his memory in any way,) made his living by doing stupid things. I mean you really do have to be stupid to drunk drive. The sad thing about it is, something like this would have happened sooner or later. Another thing that just caught my attention about all this, it’s the carelessness about Dunn. He starred in Jackass 3 which made a crap load of money, but no one thought it wise to spend a couple of bucks getting him a taxi? That’s just common sense. If someone is buzzed or completely gone, it’s a good idea to not let them drive home. Other members of the Jackass crew are beyond pissed with Ebert. it’s understandable, but if they were aware that he was drinking, why didn’t they step up and go pick him up? Or send someone to go bring him home?

      Ebert chose the wrong time to say what he did, but he shouldn’t be blamed. There’s this whole other thing going on on his facebook page, where people are just leaving really hate-filled comments and insults aimed at Ebert. Really, really awful things, like death threats, wishing him cancer, just a whole bunch of things that people without common sense say when they’re pissed.  I really hope karma doesn’t come back to bite these people in the ass, because if what they said to Roger Ebert does come back, they’ll sorely be regretting what they wrote.

     If anybody is the victim in all of this, it’s his actual victim who was his passenger. Come on, not only did they have pictures of him drinking on his twitter account before the crash, but there were also reports that he was completely thrashed before driving off. There were also reports he only had 3 beers and 3 shots and he wasn’t wasted, but no one really knows what his tolerance was, and maybe that was all it took.  I’m not trying to start anything by saying that Roger Ebert was right and Ryan Dunn is at fault, because I’m not saying that. I’m just thinking outside of the situation and presenting facts. And if you are trying to start anything, go somewhere else to do it. I’m not writing this post to input my two cents on the situation like every other blogger, this is just me trying to put everything into perspective for my benefit.  I understand fans of Ryan Dunn are pissed about this whole thing, but it doesn’t matter how much you liked him, the fact is he did drive drunk and due to his negligence lost his life, as well the life of his passenger. People should lay off Roger Ebert, and try to keep in mind the memory of Ryan Dunn, and why they liked him.

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