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July 19, 2011

Here’s a surprise; I don’t watch many things that are non-movies or anime.  Yes, I’m afraid I’m very regular series deprived.  Unless it’s on my Netflix recommended or recommended by friends with a description of the events, I usually don’t watch it (Game of Thrones excluded).

This brings me to my point if there was one in the first place.  I listened to all of the podcasts I care about in one night, so this morning while I was lazing about, I turned to Netflix for entertainment while I still have it.  At the top of the recommended list was Torchwood, a spinoff of the seemingly human wide favorite Dr. Who.

I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the doctor.  I find the whole thing too… cheesy.  I know it’s supposed to have a camp feel, but I just can’t watch it.  I’ve tried a few episodes, but I can’t.

Back to Torchwood, though!  I’m watching the second episode now while I think of it I should draw something, wait for TF2 to finish downloading while just watching the progress bar, or write my Harry Potter thing.  I can’t decide.  This is my day of rest after a very, very long and hard month or so.

Actually, my nephew is supposed to be coming over for the week, so that kind of puts a damper on my relaxing for the whole day.  Well, that doesn’t really matter.  I have too much stuff to do anyway.

Whoa, I just saw how far off I had strayed.  My original intent of this writing was to state that Torchwood is pretty good.  Much better than what I saw of Dr. Who.

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