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July 27, 2011

It’s been a while since a post but that’s because nothing has really been happening that’s really post worthy.

I’ve watched a few movies but mostly old ones.  In fact, I’m watching Analyze This right now!  I forgot how funny this movie is.  Well, maybe it’s just funnier to me since I come from an Italian family that likes to make mob jokes.

Anyway, I did see Captain America somewhere in between the older movies.  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.  The story while kind of shoehorned in to fit with the upcoming Avengers had great direction in some aspects.


The film starts off pretty weak with a huge sense of “AMERICA!” while Steve Rogers is skinny but full of spirit. He’s constantly getting rejected from the armed services because of health problems, but does this discourage him?  NO!  Because he loves AMERICA!

That whole first part of the movie was like playing Call of Duty games with their love of the U.S.

One of the times he gets beat up, a shady guy sees how he won’t back down or run away.  This shady guy turns out to be a doctor who has made a super soldier serum that he wishes to use on Steve because of his desire to do what’s right.  That and because he seems to be the opposite of his other creation, Red Skull.

Steve goes through the Super Soldier process but right after it’s complete, a Hydra spy kills the doctor.  Since Steve was the only one to go through the process, this makes him a lab rat instead of the Super Soldier he was made into for the comics.  Instead, the original costume that everyone seemed to be yelling for online makes an appearance in a very appropriate place: propaganda reels.  He becomes the face of the war for the people back home while Howard Stark and the government try to replicate the serum.

On one of his USO shows he finds out that the squadron that his best friend, Bucky, was in has mostly gone missing and therefore declared killed in action.  Of course Captain America can’t stand for this!  This is not only his friend, but a whole squad of U.S. soldiers!

In true hero fashion, he storms the enemy base, frees the captured soldiers and confronts the Red Skull who reveals why he’s called the Red Skull and flees.

This show prompts the Army to actually use Steve for combat and lets him assemble a team to take down Hydra.  He (and his men) storm the place in true comic book fashion with guns blazing and shields flying.  It’s pretty spectacular to finally see Captain America being Captain America.  Before he was pretty badass, but this time he’s truly showing what he’s really capable of doing.

The Red Skull takes off on what is kind of a bomber, but instead of bombs there’s small planes with what I would assume are suicide bombers to take out key cities.

Cap’ gets on board through the landing gear hatch and takes out most of the bombers but doesn’t get one.  He jumps just as the bomb/plane takes off and opens the hatch, ejects the pilot and flies the thing straight back into the Red Skull’s plane.

The Red Skull and Cap’ have their climactic fight and eventually the Red Skull gets obliterated.  With no other choice, Cap’ decides to crash it into what I assume to be the antarctic.

He wakes up in modern day New York and rightfully freaks out until he’s surrounded by FBI or possibly S.H.E.I.L.D. agents.  Nick Fury comes out and explains the situation.



The Avengers trailer is attached to the end of this.  Am I excited?  Yes.  Yes, I am.

Spoilers end

So, Cap gets my seal of approval as a fun movie.  Will it enlighten you?  No.  Will it entertain you for a couple of hours?  Yes.  Take of it what you will.

As a long time Captain America fan (he was my favorite super hero after Daredevil as a kid) I loved the way they handled Cap and made him into a plausible character.  Hell, they even incorporated the old costume into the movie in a way that makes perfect sense.  Sure, the new costume looks a bit goofy, but it also makes sense since it’s in World War II and it’s actual armor and not just spandex.

I could go on and on defending this thing from the angry masses that condemned this movie as soon as the first images and trailer hit the net, but I don’t think I need to.  If you feel the need to bash the movie, see it first before blindly taking swings.

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