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This ain’t a rant….

July 28, 2011

           So, I don’t really have a lot to say with this post, but I just want to let off some steam. Yesterday, I was online just messing around on the internet, when my little cousin (two cousins are currently staying the week at my house), came into my room and disconnected my internet cable. Yes, I still use a phone cord to connect online, and yes this means I have of the many perks of living out in the boons I guess. Any who, I try to log on but my isp says that the modem is being blocked. Shit, I think to myself. This had already happened once before in March, and it ended up becoming this whole effing ordeal with me trying to solve it on my own and dealing with tech support. (I wanted to write a post about this back when it happened, but alas, I didn’t). So I got the wire, plugged it in and tried again. Nothing. I tried 5 more times and same frickin’ result, modem was being blocked.

            To top that off, I had to restart the computer to install some updates, which in turn ended up freezing my comp and making me restart twice. Turned on my computer for the third time, tried to connect yet again, and nothing.  So I set it aside and figured I would try again in the morning. This morning had already started off on the wrong foot. I had had crappy sleep waking intermittently every two hours or so, I had a crick in my neck, and I was just super groggy. I woke up and went to the kitchen, saw that the coffee pot still had two cups in it, and went to do my morning routine. This gave me a small sliver of hope, that I would be able to turn my day around, even if I had had bad sleep.

            But, when I came from my routine, the coffee pot was empty. My family had drank all of the freshly brewed coffee. Thanks in part to my little cousins drinking some, which they shouldn’t unless they want to be short mini-people for the rest of their lives, but whatever. I could always make another pot of coffee. Now, I’m the kind of person that naturally wakes up kind of grouchy, especially if I’m rudely awaken before I should be up, (which I was today), and if I have no coffee. So, the storm clouds started brewing a bit, but I brewed my beloved coffee, and started perking up. Went to my room in the hopes of actually managing to connect to the web. Plugged the cable in, same freaking message; modem was being blocked. (Rage meter began creeping up).

            So, I unplugged everything, opened it up, uninstalled the current modem then installed a spare modem I had, closed my tower, connected my computer…same effing message. (Rage meter creeping up steadily). I figured it might have been the cable I was using that may be causing the issue, so I unplugged everything, moved the tower and monitor closer to the jack to try a smaller cable I had..nothing. It was hot and stuffy by this point in the morning, and I was sweating and irritated with the computer and the heat. (Do you know those literal high pressure situations where people start snapping at each other because the hot, prickly heat is making them cranky bastards? I get into those spots an awful lot, especially when I am trying to fix something. Point being, don’t ask me to do anything in the summer unless you want your head bitten off. Wait until winter, then we can talk.) I turn on the fan, brought back the computer to the desk, disconnect everything, open it up, take out that modem, install another modem, close it up, plug everything again, connect the cable to wall, get my hopes up once again, and nothing.

            (Rage meter reaching the half-way point). I decide I need to take a break and just leave it alone for a while. I pace back and forth from the room to the kitchen, lamenting the fact that I’m going to have to deal with BS tech support once more, and just cursing my family’s involvement in making me aggravated..finally, I go to the kitchen to get some breakfast, only to see that my little cousins and sister have gobbled most of the food up. (Rage meter shoots up steadily…actually this meter wasn’t rage, it was irritability, but rage sounds more badass.).

            The deathly combination of being food snubbed and the heat just pissed the crap out of me, so I came back to the room to try once more with the computer. I gave it a couple more tries, opening and closing, uninstalling and installing modems, then finally! with the universe taking pity on me, I manage to connect! I was ecstatic, my ‘rage’ meter dropped back to normal range, and I was feeling pretty good. I was checking my messages, and just surfing around, when my sister comes lumbering in, and knocks down my tower which I had left on the floor by the desk. This made the connection slow down, so I had to restart my comp. Restart, try to connect, and surprise surprise, the modem is being blocked from connecting apparently.

            I go look for my sister, give her a few choice words, go back to the room and open the tower, fiddle with the modem, try connecting again, and thankfully I got it to work. By the time I had gotten it to work I was cooled off and positively chipper. (My cousins were the ones who noticed my change in demeanor the most, mostly because I was projecting my ill-fortune at them..I know, I know, they had nothing to do with it, but they were unfortunately caught in my cross-hairs.).I’m usually a pretty mellow and easy-going guy. You can ask anyone who knows me, but I just tend to get reeeeeally irritated when there is high heat. I don’t know why, but I do.  Maybe my rage meter is always reaching its boiling point right below the surface? who knows. So what are the morals to this post? I hate the heat. Unless you want me to tear you a new one, don’t ask me to do anything with  a high labor index, I mean you can ask me to do small favors no prob, just don’t ask me to build anything big. Finally, I hate the heat.

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