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J.Delgadillo and the Magical Quill Challenge

August 9, 2011

          Well, it’s over. The special week long magical quill promotion going on at has come and gone. The challenge officially ended 8-6-11. I feel like I’m in that scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when everybody believes that the final ticket has been found, and is trying to return to a normal way of life absent of the exciting fever pitch surrounding the event. Pottermore is the latest brain child from J.K.Rowling, that will allow members to interact with the stories in new ways while at the same time, learning new information about characters and events found within the Harry Potter universe. Site members will also be able to be sorted into Hogwarts Houses and have the ability to choose a wand. These are the most non-vague bits of information concerning the site that have been confirmed directly from the site and J.K. Rowling. The full extent of what members will be able to do on site, is still pretty much on the down low for now, but more info is bound to leak the sooner the site is due to open to the public.

          If you didn’t hear about the promotion, or know what it was, It was an opportunity for people to solve a clue a day based around the 7 Harry Potter books, in order to gain early and hopefully beta access to the Pottermore site before October 1st, when the rest of the world would be allowed access. The first day was a clue from The Sorcerer’s Stone, the second day from Chamber of Secrets, and so on. If you solved the clue, you were directed to multiply the answer by a random number, and put the new answer at the end of this url: quill.pottermore/(new answer).  

(this is a picture of Day 5’s clue from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix..sorry for the blurriness)

          So, for example if the answer for the clue of the day was 3 then you were asked to multiply by 25, the url would be quill.pottermore/75. Having multiplied the answer with the random number, you would click on the quill url and you would be redirected to another Harry Potter related website, where you would have to search for the magical quill. 

(this is a picture of the magical quill.)

 (This is the magical quill that detects when a child with magical abilities is born and writes their name in a book which Professor McGonagall  reads to send out Hogwarts letters to accepted students when they turn 11…it’s all explained on the site.) Once you found the magical quill, by clicking a banner ad, or constantly refreshing, you were then able to begin the early registration progress.

It started with you listing your basic information, name date of birth, etc, then when that was entered,  a screen with an open faced book would come up listing other names of magical students.

 ^look! I’m magical! I finally have validation ;_;

          A while back, I had heard that Pottermore was going to give 1 million early registration spots beginning the end of July, (to coincide with the fictional birthday of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s actual one). I figured it was going to be a pass code giveaway or something similar, and I was all set to get as many codes as was allowed in order to register myself, and pass along codes to my friends. I hadn’t heard more about the early access so I just put it on the back burner of my mind. On July 30th, I was watching Chamber of Secrets, while messing around on the web. The movie reminded me to check out the site to see if the giveaways had started, so I logged on, and on the front page of the site they had a post about the Magical Quill challenge that was going to start midnight July 31st, and end sometime around August 6th.

          I was super set to win one of the early spots on the first day, and figured I could log on early in the morning to answer the first clue. The next day however, I checked out the site around 9 am and found that registration for that day had already been closed. Crap, I thought. Well, I would try again and attempt to answer the 2nd day’s clue Sunday night/morning. I stayed up until around 12:30 in the morning just camping out on the site trying to find the clue, but it wasn’t up. I grudgingly had to get off the web, because I had to get up early to go to a school orientation Monday. Woke up around 6:30, logged onto the site, and again saw that the early registration for the day was closed.

          By this time I was figuring that it was going to be an uphill battle trying to find out what time the clues were going to be leaked on site. However thanks to the crap sleep I had the night before, I was dead tired, but I made a resolution with myself that the additional lack of sleep acquired Monday night was going to be worth it. So, with determination steeling my nerves, I stayed logged onto the site Monday night and just waited for the clue to leak. I did several Google searches to see if the time frame for the 3rd clue had leaked, and found out through the time frame was going to be anywhere between 9:00 am to 1:00pm BST (British Summer Time.) Luckily, the site had a time converter and doing the math, I found out it was going to leak sometime between 1:00 am to 5:00 am Pacific Standard Time.

           1:00 am rolled around, checked the site, refreshed a couple of times, saw no clue so decided to turn my attention back to the TV. (I was watching one of the episodes of The Late Late Show  Craig Ferguson did in France.). For the next hour and a half, I spent it refreshing the site, staring at the TV, and channel surfing. Around 2:30 or so, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to go brush my teeth, so I turned off the TV, went to brush my teeth, and on the way back, I had the forethought to bring my copy of Prisoner of Azkaban back with me to the living room. I got back to my computer, refreshed the site yet again, saw no clue posted, so I just leaned back on the couch resting my eyes for a bit. I’m assuming I had dozed off for a bit, because I had that groggy early-morning sensation after blinking my eyes for a bit. I checked the clock, it was around 3:15 in the morning, waited for my desktop to restart, (it was somehow updating itself then restarted), got back onto Pottermore, and lo! There was the clue!

In the Gryffindor versus Slytherin Quidditch match, in Harry’s third year, how many points is Gryffindor leading by before Harry catches the Golden Snitch?
Multiply this number by 35.

          Quickly grabbing my book, I scanned the pages until I found the chapter where they are playing Quidditch, saw the answer was 60, did the multiplication, and got redirected to the site where the magical quill was.(squee!). I got to the magical quill, and it said I had to make it ‘levitate’. Alright, so I clicked the quill, nothing. I moved the mouse up and down on the quill, it lifted a little, but didn’t levitate. While all this is going on, I’m dead. I’m on auto-pilot barely aware of what’s going on because of how tired I was. It was straight up zombie status for me. I kept staring at the quill trying to figure out how to make it levitate, and somehow it came to me that I should continuously move the mouse left and right on the quill. Tried it out, and it worked! Once I had made the quill levitate, I was directed to the registration site, so I could begin to activate my profile.

          Unfortunately, as the rest of the world will get to see on October 1st when the site launches, users aren’t allowed to create their own usernames, and instead have to choose from 5 randomly generated screen names. (This was done for security reasons, but the selections you are given aren’t necessarily the best ones…maybe it was just my bad luck that generated those options?)

^ See what I mean?

          Although, I was really leaning towards being ‘BatWitch78’, for its novelty value or ‘EyeSand69’ for the implied raunchiness, but I settled on ‘SeekerFang109’. My exhausted body, the heavy bags under my eyes and the partial shutdown of brain function was totally worth it for the early registration. If any readers of this post registered early, you should post your username as a comment. When Pottermore is finally open for business, look me up. I’m SeekerFang109. I’ll probably be posting more about the site the closer it comes to being open for the public, so stay tuned.


all images are property of their respective owners. Copyright fully reserved by Sony Entertainment, Pottermore , J.K.Rowling and affiliates.


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