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Totoro, NO!!!

August 15, 2011
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You remember that awesome Totoro decal I had on my laptop?

HNI 0037


Well, when I was walking around for a few hours on Saturday, it kind of melted off in the heat!  I don’t know if it was because I had applied it wrong at first and one of the small ear hair things never settled correctly or what, but when I pulled it out of my bag, the whole ear was coming off and the back of his head with no way to put it back on.


In a stroke of luck, though, my friend had emailed me a really cute Pikachu decal that very morning, but I had a better idea.  Instead of buying a new sticker decal, I would paint my own on there with acrylic.  That way I could keep something there as long as I was willing to touch it up or until I find something better to put on there.

I had then spent the next hour or so… maybe less… I don’t remember now, but I sketched the Pikachu he sent me in pencil before I painted it on.  This of course made a pretty nasty mess of things, but that shouldn’t matter once the paint was down.

HNI 0038


But again bad luck struck…  Once the paint was down I tried to clean the non painted parts of the smeared pencil and wiped the paint clean off where I hadn’t laid it on thick before I could even take a picture!

Now I’m stuck with a plain ol’ Macbook Pro…



I’ve already selected a new Totoro replacement, though, so it shouldn’t be too long that I have to deal with the bland face.

P.S.  I finally found my old camera cord, so I don’t have to use the 3DS anymore!  That was probably apparent from the difference in quality from the first two pictures and the last, I suppose.

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