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Pottermore Beta site day 1

September 13, 2011

Really enjoying the different aspects of the site, I think people will really enjoy it when the site goes live October.1st. I just got sorted into my house about half an hour ago, and got Ravenclaw.Man that was bullcrap! I’m a total Gryffindor! GRYFFINDOR FOREVER! Although, I was reading comments on the page and a lot of people didn’t get the house they thought they were/wanted. The questions were supposed to be written as existing in a real life context, not a magical one per se. I’m still going to consider myself a Gryffindor, screw what the sorting hat says! Oh well, at least it ain’t Slytherin. 🙂 More updates coming. Also, anyone who is on the beta site right now, and felt they were sorted into the wrong house, or just have opinions on the sortings, please feel free to leave comments.

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