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December 31, 2011

So, the end of 2011 is finally here. Overall, I’d say that this year was…decent. A lot better than previous years actually. I met really interesting people, made friends with new faces, and rekindled old friendships. If you guys ever read and or remember this post, I wrote back when the year started, I made a random listing of topics the blog was going to cover. Wide range of things such as Scott Pilgrim, movies/actors, TV, nerd stuff, ramblings and just random thoughts.

Looking back, I’m glad that I actually managed to write about these topics, but not all. Hopefully in 2012 I’ll get on the other ones. I also made a list of things I wanted to accomplish/wanted to happen/wanted to come true by the year’s end. Really surprising but I actually did accomplish a great deal of them; I mean, not as many as I would have liked but still enough to pat myself on my back *pat pat*. I had originally planned on writing a post in June sort of as a midyear review of what I had accomplished so far, but of course didn’t. Regular readers will know that is one of my faults with the blog..oh well. I guess it’s more fitting that I write it at the end of the year. That being said, let’s have a quick run through of what did come to happen, and what didn’t.

First on the list: ‘I hope everything goes ok with my quest for higher education.’ So far, it seems that everything is going good with this one, and will hopefully continue to go alright. I’ll call it work in progress for completion.

2.) ‘ Buying a guitar/learning to play said guitar.’ Didn’t happen, but maybe in 2012.

3.) ‘Continue working (and actually finishing) the things I’m developing.’ Well, I didn’t actually finish anything I’ve been developing, namely because I didn’t incomplete. ^_^

4.) ‘I hope to finally finish writing (and actually begin working again) on my short to possible novel length story. Totally didn’t happen, so moving on.

5.) ‘Just want this year to be as drama free as it possibly can be.’ I don’t really remember the earlier part of the year, but overall I would it was pretty drama free, so completed!

6.) ‘ Hope to have more traffic and readers to our blog! 😀 Also, comments from readers that aren’t from IRL friends of mine and Tabrias.’ Totally accomplished this one. We had a lot of new visitors to the site, and annnd! actual comments from real people. squee!

7.) ‘Hope to keep my non-promise promise of updating this site.’ Also completed this one. I still took awhile to update the blog, but not as infrequently as I had previously. So, completed!

8.) ‘I hope to catch the eye of a certain someone.’ So, the certain someone from the original post is no longer the certain someone who I originally wrote about, but if I were to count non romantically getting her attention, then it would be completed, but romantic wise, it was a complete bust. So, partially accomplished.

Finally 9.) ‘I hope to keep my end of the purpose for the blog, and regretfully and painstakingly endure reading the Twilight books and writing about them on here!’ 😐 Yea, didn’t even bother trying to accomplish this one so incomplete, I do have the books though, so it will eventually happen. *shudder*. So 4/9 is kind of bad, but I have all of next year to make the last five happen. So the new (and old things) things I hope to have come true/want to happen/accomplish in 2012: numbers 2.), 3.), 4.), 9.).

I hope the new year is filled with happiness. I want the blog to continue to grow its presence online. I hope 2012 makes my life worthwhile. I hope the new year allows me to thrive and prosper. And finally I hope to catch the romantic eye of a new certain someone I’ve set my sights on. This is it for the final post of 2011. May 2012 bring all of us happiness, great friendships and new experiences. Hope the new year is one of several decades worth of new years for all of us.

(Unless of course the world does end in December 2012, which if it does, the new year would just have been a  huge dick tease.)

Happy 2012 everyone!

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