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Just my luck. >_<

April 25, 2012

Irony, you cruel-hearted bitch we meet again. Back in March, I had received a  goodie prize pack from Walmazan, a tee-shirt artist I follow on FB. The pack came with buttons, postcards, stickers and other fun stuff.

Awesomeness.  The buttons I got?, bees knees. I’ve always liked buttons, but I’ve never really been one to sport them. I don’t know why, I just never liked to. But about 2 weeks ago, I had the bright idea to show them off instead of coveting them away in a drawer, as I usually do with things like that.  I decided to actually show off these rad buttons, and put the taco button on my laptop bag, and the dia de los muertos skull on my backpack. It was like the buttons were custom made for the bags, they looked right at home. So, today, Tuesday I went to class with both buttons intact. After I got out of class I noticed that my taco button was missing. I went back to the classroom, looked around didn’t see it, retraced my steps, still had no luck. Figured it was long gone so I gave up my search and gave into my depression.

I contacted the artist on his page to see if he sold it in his shop cause I was looking to replace it; but I haven’t heard from him as of yet. I noticed the skull button on my backpack was open, and I took it off less it too should be lost. I had it in my shirt pocket for the rest of the day, and I thought it was safe. As I was walking to my car after my last class, I decided to take off my button shirt..why? I have no was warm. I slung it over my shoulder, and as I was walking the button fell out. I scooped it up, and I put it in my pocket. I could have sworn I put it in there. Got to my car, drove home. When I parked my truck, I was getting my bags and I stuck my hand in my pocket to take out the button. Felt around, couldn’t find it. I looked under the driver side, backseat, in the vain hope that it had somehow fallen out of my pocket. I went inside my apartment to do a more thorough search. When I opened the door to my room, lo and behold..the taco button I spent all day frettin’ and fussin’ about was on my floor. I picked it up, put it on my bed, and stuck my hand into my pocket, took everything out. Button wasn’t there. I emptied my backpack, laptop bag, nothing. This is where the irony kicks in. I ended up finding the one I thought I had lost, and lost the one I had tried to protect. I just hope I can find the button in my truck, or be able to find a replacement for it.fuuuuck.

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