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What Day is Today? It’s Werewolves Should Be Hairy’s 3rd Birthday!

June 29, 2013

Three years ago, a desire for me and Tabrias to blog about the Twilight movies/books with an unbiased perspective was initiated on this date. Tabrias has blogged about the first couple of movies, but I still haven’t held my end of the deal. I was supposed to read the Twilight series and give my honest critique of it. Brief background. We hate the series and all it stands for, so we wanted to actually validate our hate for it on this blog. We didn’t want to hate for the sake of hating. Thus, the main purpose of this blog was for us to find valid reasons for us not liking it.

Since I am a Lit major, I was tasked with reading the series. (three years later, and I have still managed to avoid ^_^) But, I will get to them eventually. I don’t really have much to say on this post. Just wanted to commemorate the occasion with a new post. Unfortunately, I was having computer issues today…it seems to be a running theme on this site. I wrote about that a while back. (I couldn’t find the link, but will paste on a new post when I do.) Due to the issues, I didn’t have time to plan out a new post. Since I have nothing new going on this summer, I will probably be creating new posts and updating when I can. So here’s to us! 🙂 Thanks for reading this, and I hope to have you come back for more.

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