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Back Again

January 21, 2014

Before I start anything, I need to apologize to my poor blog. My poor, poor, neglected blog. If I weren’t more tactful, I would refer to you as ‘A Blog Called It’, but I won’t because that is kind of tasteless. Last time I blogged on here, was waaay back in July 2013. Every time I have a long period of non-posting I come back on here and promise (but don’t keep my word), That I will be trying to update more regular. It’s safe to say, that this time I won’t make any promises and will just take things one step at a time, and write when I want to. That out of the way, I have some stuff I wanted to write, just to get back into blogging on here again. I was feeling sort of mopey early tonight (as of writing this post), and I texted a dear friend of mine to see if we could talk things out.

We have helped each other out countless times about shit going on within our respective lives, and I just needed someone to read me out. We began to text about what I was feeling, and like the majority of our talks, we began to give in to our Potter obsessions, and just messaged back and forth on facebook and through texts about which houses we belonged in. This discussion having started when I posted this from buzzfeed on her wall.
(This topic has been a long running discussion between us. I’m Gryffindor, she is Ravenclaw, but as has been discussed prior on here, Pottermore labled me a Ravenclaw when I signed up for it).

After a while our conversation, and random non-sequiturs made me feel better. We discussed her having a tumblr and it made me wax nostalgic for my little site. Which is what gave me the itch to get back on here. I should really have people mention blogging more often to me in order to get me to write. I helped my friend with her problems, and just talked about our old school/students and a teacher we shared. In addition to writing, I am also listening to music in my room. It’s a traditional thing for me. Whenever I feel hmmm :|, or just have nothing going on at night, I like to listen to music at night and just tune out. I put on Pandora, but that wasn’t helpful. Since I heard Age of Consent on the most recent episode of Girls , I thought it would be perfect. I mostly listen to 80’s new wave at night. What can I say? It’s my thing. I looked up the album, and that is what I have been listening to. sidenote* [When I went on Amazon to get the link for the song, it showed me a page for something called Kindle Singles where anyone can send in manuscripts] very fortuitous of me to see that at this point of my life..hmm.

Until I write again.

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