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Generation Cry Baby: Why Millennials Are a F**king Joke

December 3, 2015

This.all of it. 100% agree. People are becoming a bit too sensitive


Werewolves Should Be Hairy: Year 5.To Be Continued..

June 29, 2015

Today is the fifth blogaversary of this site. Yay us! I’ve been away from this blog for much too long. Since the last time I was on, we have gotten new readers, and new followers. Thank you for being interested in the blog! I promise there will be more updates coming soon and not have long breaks of silence. I’m writing this mini-update just to commemorate the blog, and will write a longer celebration post in the next few days. See everyone soon. 😀

I Had a Dream…Dreams?

January 23, 2014

I’m back sooner than I expected to be. Usually, there are months in between post times. But, moving on, I’d like to say thank you to my new followers and readers of the blog! It’s such a great feeling knowing new people are reading this. I had a pair of really, really bizarre dreams Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I don’t remember much, but what I do had been running through my mind all day Wednesday. Both dreams dealt with death, but in different ways. In one dream, there had been a death in my family, but I don’t know whose. An estranged uncle perhaps. The only things that I remember from that dream, was a scene where I was talking to my cousin and other relatives. She was telling me about getting a ride. Even though the dream was about death, and a funeral it was actually really funny. I do remember that that particular dream was like a dark comedy.

Now, the other dream (if it was a separate dream…I feel like they were both happening congruently, or this one was part of the same story line as the previous dream…or something. I don’t know.) Anyways, this dream was the one that really stood out to me. I was going back home to visit from college. I guess in dream time it had been around two years since I had gone back. I get there, and I see my old chow-chow dog that passed away in 2005. It looked like I’m assuming it would have looked if it had lived beyond ten years old. Slightly gray, thinner, older for sure, but alive. And seeing. My dog was blind when he passed away. I enter the room, and he glances up, wags his tail, and moves his body back down to the carpet. Seeing his senility, and the fact that he hadn’t seen me in two years it was understandable to me that he wouldn’t know who I was. I remember I reached out my left hand to his snout so he could get my scent. As I edged closer to his nose, it began to twitch and his tail began to move. He slowly got up from the carpet, looked at me, and immediately got a smile on his old puppy face. I was crying. I reached out and hugged him and said “Mickey, I’ve missed you so much!”. That was the last bit of the dream I remembered as I woke up.

I was trying to make myself recollect who had passed away in the first dream, but it was useless. I couldn’t remember for the life of me. The dream with my dog however, had shaken me. I had not thought about my dog earlier that night, in fact I hadn’t thought about him in quite a while. If I had thought about him, that would have made more sense for me to dream about him, as he would have been on my mind and once I was sleeping, in my subconscious. The dream stayed with me, because it was soooo left field with no apparent reason for occurring. I awoke feeling an incredible sadness and longing. I was still feeling the hug I had given my dog. Apart from this, I felt hopeful. Hopeful that him being dead was actually the dream and he was alive and was currently that old dog I had seen. But a minute after, the realization he wasn’t alive came back and I lay in bed, and began to analyze the dream. The dream was about me going home from college, and seeing my dog. Problematic for two reasons. 1.) My dog passed away in 2005 when I was a junior in high school. 2.) It was definitely set in the quasi-present because of the whole college thing. (I’m a recent graduate.) Meaning, that if my dog was alive right now, it would have been 18 years old. Which, when thinking about it would explain how he looked in the dream. All in all, it could mean something or it could mean nothing. It was just so strange that I dreamt what I dreamt. I swear, the random things I dream sometimes.

And as I finished writing this, Bob Dylan’s Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door played on Pandora.

Back Again

January 21, 2014

Before I start anything, I need to apologize to my poor blog. My poor, poor, neglected blog. If I weren’t more tactful, I would refer to you as ‘A Blog Called It’, but I won’t because that is kind of tasteless. Last time I blogged on here, was waaay back in July 2013. Every time I have a long period of non-posting I come back on here and promise (but don’t keep my word), That I will be trying to update more regular. It’s safe to say, that this time I won’t make any promises and will just take things one step at a time, and write when I want to. That out of the way, I have some stuff I wanted to write, just to get back into blogging on here again. I was feeling sort of mopey early tonight (as of writing this post), and I texted a dear friend of mine to see if we could talk things out.

We have helped each other out countless times about shit going on within our respective lives, and I just needed someone to read me out. We began to text about what I was feeling, and like the majority of our talks, we began to give in to our Potter obsessions, and just messaged back and forth on facebook and through texts about which houses we belonged in. This discussion having started when I posted this from buzzfeed on her wall.
(This topic has been a long running discussion between us. I’m Gryffindor, she is Ravenclaw, but as has been discussed prior on here, Pottermore labled me a Ravenclaw when I signed up for it).

After a while our conversation, and random non-sequiturs made me feel better. We discussed her having a tumblr and it made me wax nostalgic for my little site. Which is what gave me the itch to get back on here. I should really have people mention blogging more often to me in order to get me to write. I helped my friend with her problems, and just talked about our old school/students and a teacher we shared. In addition to writing, I am also listening to music in my room. It’s a traditional thing for me. Whenever I feel hmmm :|, or just have nothing going on at night, I like to listen to music at night and just tune out. I put on Pandora, but that wasn’t helpful. Since I heard Age of Consent on the most recent episode of Girls , I thought it would be perfect. I mostly listen to 80’s new wave at night. What can I say? It’s my thing. I looked up the album, and that is what I have been listening to. sidenote* [When I went on Amazon to get the link for the song, it showed me a page for something called Kindle Singles where anyone can send in manuscripts] very fortuitous of me to see that at this point of my life..hmm.

Until I write again.

What Day is Today? It’s Werewolves Should Be Hairy’s 3rd Birthday!

June 29, 2013

Three years ago, a desire for me and Tabrias to blog about the Twilight movies/books with an unbiased perspective was initiated on this date. Tabrias has blogged about the first couple of movies, but I still haven’t held my end of the deal. I was supposed to read the Twilight series and give my honest critique of it. Brief background. We hate the series and all it stands for, so we wanted to actually validate our hate for it on this blog. We didn’t want to hate for the sake of hating. Thus, the main purpose of this blog was for us to find valid reasons for us not liking it.

Since I am a Lit major, I was tasked with reading the series. (three years later, and I have still managed to avoid ^_^) But, I will get to them eventually. I don’t really have much to say on this post. Just wanted to commemorate the occasion with a new post. Unfortunately, I was having computer issues today…it seems to be a running theme on this site. I wrote about that a while back. (I couldn’t find the link, but will paste on a new post when I do.) Due to the issues, I didn’t have time to plan out a new post. Since I have nothing new going on this summer, I will probably be creating new posts and updating when I can. So here’s to us! 🙂 Thanks for reading this, and I hope to have you come back for more.

Irony Is: 2

June 17, 2013

And now, another installment of “Irony Is”. Irony is: when you have a song stuck in your head. You have to listen to it or else it’s going to keep bothering you until you do. You look through music libraries trying to pin point which band might play it. Can’t find it. You have the melody and the lyrics in your head, but you don’t know who performs it, or what the name of the song is. 😦

Irony Is:

June 3, 2013

So, like I previously mentioned here ->, I wanted to write short blog posts on what Happiness is, or what Irony is then write a short post. Here is the first of the Irony posts. Irony is:having your checkbook holder at hand and spending 25 minutes searching for your checks. Finding your checks, and now missing your checkbook holder. :|.

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